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Sometimes you have a project around the house that's a little more than you can or want to handle. Or there are only so many hours in a day, and you just never seem to find the time to get it done. Those projects are a perfect fit for T. J. Shannon Construction’s Handyman Services. The work is performed by our same, full-time employees or one of our competent, professional subcontractors, depending upon the type of work. There are no hidden costs, no unknowns. You are charged a preset hourly rate, with a minimum of one hour, plus the cost of any needed materials. It’s great for seniors that need a little help and don’t have anyone close by. It’s better for us to be up on a ladder than them! Speaking of ladders, if you don’t have a ladder to reach the roof of your second story home to repair a couple shingles, we can make the repairs, using your leftover shingles for a lot less than the cost of the ladder for you to do the repairs. Many of our customers make use of these services again and again, simply because they feel more comfortable seeing familiar faces in their homes – the same faces they have seen over the last twenty years.

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